Creeping Fascism: If We Don’t Kill NDAA/SOPA/EEA/Keystone XL Pipeline They Win. If We Only Kill NDAA/SOPA/EEA/Keystone XL Pipeline We Lose.

Creeping Fascism

This is a heads-up reminder that NDAA 2012, SOPA, PIPA, EEA and the accelerated approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline were all thrown at us AFTER 17 September 2011, i.e. “Day One” of Occupy Wall Street and the global Occupy movement.  We must reject or reverse all of these or we lose.  But even if we undo NDAA, stop SOPA, prevent PIPA, eliminate EEA and outlaw the Keystone XL Pipeline, that doesn’t mean we win.  It simply means we’d be right back where we started on 9/17, facing all the same injustices that inspired us to rise up against the corporate fascist elite kleptocracy that has taken over the United States government and through it much of the rest of the world.  In other words…

If we don’t kill NDAA/SOPA/EEA and the Keystone XL Pipeline, they win.  But if we only kill NDAA/SOPA/EEA and the Keystone XL Pipeline, we lose.  To win we must remove corporations and their money from our politics and government then un-rig our voting machines and roll back years of their diabolically patient deception-after-deception, law-by-law, concession-after-concession, degree-by-degree, boiling-the-frog approach to global wealth concentration and world domination.  The starting point is to reverse this timeline:


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Freedom to Fascism Redux: A Timeline of Recent American History

Freedom to Fascism Redux

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Subject: [ Freedom to Fascism Redux: A Timeline of Recent American History ]

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

Dear Wayne Bowen,

If you had read this first…

…then perhaps you would not have written this:

Let me give you a timeline for the last few years of American history:


Here is what all that means…

FREEDOM: What the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights once guaranteed to all American Citizens.

PNAC: Our wars for oil and profit were planned LONG before 9/11, but an excuse was needed to justify them.

[ Note: This letter was dated January 26 1998 and the last paragraph reads “We urge you to act decisively. If you act now to end the threat of weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. or its allies, you will be acting in the most fundamental national security interests of the country. If we accept a course of weakness and drift, we put our interests and our future at risk.” ]

9/11: The excuse that was needed to sacrifice lives and liberties while corporations raided our treasury.

AUMF: Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40), a “war against terror” carte blanche.

PATRIOT ACT: 68,000 words worth of Orwellian “1984” legislation supposedly drafted and passed in six weeks.

CITIZENS UNITED: The U.S. Supreme Court decision that gave corporations a legal way to buy U.S. elections.

NDAA: The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which codifies indefinite detention without trial.

SOPA/PIPA: The proposed Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act, euphemisms for Internet censorship.

EEA: The proposed Enemy Expatriation Act, under which dissent could result in revocation of citizenship.

FASCISM: Rule by corporate elite we can only reverse by waking up 312 million mostly clueless Americans.

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Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Commends the Sponsor of the USA Patriot Act

Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Commends the Sponsor of the USA Patriot Act

Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF)
Commends the Sponsor of the USA Patriot Act

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Subject: Well This Explains A Lot, Jeff Hennie: Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Standout Supporter of Motorcyclists … AND SPONSOR OF THE USA PATRIOT ACT!

Well This Explains A Lot, Jeff Hennie:

With your direction and counsel, the MRF has gone from joining NCOM’s James “Doc” Reichenbach II in giving former Nixon Nazi and NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker a blow job…

…to NOT being offered a panel seat on DOT Secretary Ray LaHood’s first Distracted Driving seminar…

…even after giving him “the MRF’s highest Congressional honor, the MRF Champion award”…

…to annointing Scott Brown with AmsOil as the next MRF Messiah…

…when I doubt that’s what greases his gears…

…huh, Jeff?


You have the ignorant arrogance (or arrogant ignorance) to issue the MRF Press Release below praising Wisconsin Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., the sorry blood-sucking mother-fucking peter-pumping piece-of-shit son-of-a-bitch traitor who I hope dies a slow painful death for SPONSORING THE USA PATRIOT ACT:

Well all I can say is … FUCK YOU Jeff Hennie … FUCK YOU MRF … and FUCK ALL YOU “freedom fighters” who are too fucking stupid to recognize when you’ve been sold out!

Bruce Arnold


Bruce Arnold is … a record-holding long distance motorcycle rider … a disappointed bikers’ rights activist but proud member of The 100 … a disillusioned political agitator who once targeted social injustice and piercing the veil of our two-puppet system to expose the institutionalized greed of the Kleptocracy pulling all strings Left and Right … like Thomas Jefferson, an aficionado of ethnic aesthetic and a philosophical anarchist who accepts the State as a necessary evil under which the best government is less government.  Follow Bruce online at and


From: Motorcycle Riders Foundation []
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 6:06 PM
Subject: 11NR07 – MRF News Release – Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Standout Supporter of Motorcyclists

11NR07 – MRF News Release – Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Standout Supporter of Motorcyclists

16 February 2011

Contact: Jeff Hennie <> , Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Standout Supporter of Motorcyclists

United States Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-WI) has always been a staunch supporter of motorcyclists and this week, he once again went above and beyond the average member of congress.

Sensenbrenner penned a letter to the USDOT last year asking for some clarification on the agency’s plan to fund motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints. When the USDOT funded a program in Georgia to the tune of $70,000 before responding to Mr Sensenbrenner’s letter, it ruffled his feathers, so to speak.

The Republican from Wisconsin took another tack and decided to try to defund the program entirely. Sensenbrenner introduced an amendment that would strip all funding for the controversial program. The amendment would make it illegal for the US DOT to use any money to conduct checkpoints or any program to check for helmet useage.

However, the amendment is one of 600 introduced to this particular bill and may not see the light of day. We commend Mr. Sensenbrenner for his defense of motorcyclists and fully understand that the amendment may not receive a vote. We at the Motorcycle Riders Foundation stand by, ready to assist Mr. Sensenbrenner in any way we can.

The MRF will keep you informed on this issue as details develop.