In the Trans-Pecos, While a Pipeline Stalls Autonomous Resistance Calls

In the Trans-Pecos, While a Pipeline Stalls Autonomous Resistance Calls

Revised RFC re TRE Co-operative Articles of Agreement Draft Version 0.1

To our allies in the global struggle against the Capitalist Hydra:

The Terlingua Resource Exchange Collective (“TRE”) is in process of formation and hereby issues a Request for Comments on its Co-operative Articles of Agreement (Draft Version 0.1) available for your review here:

TRE has five tracts of land in the Trans-Pecos we intend to develop as autonomous sustainable co-operatives modeled after the Zapatista Caracoles of Chiapas and the Kurdish Cantons of Rojava. If (a) you are an anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, eco-activist, fractivist or libertarian; or (b) you are #Anonymous, a cyberactivist tired of hiding behind sock puppets and proxies, or a slacktivist awakening to the fact that your online protests and petitions are feel-good mental masturbation and rarely change anything; and/or (c) you are ready to once again #Occupy the real world and make a difference IRL, then we invite you to take the first step towards joining us by responding to this RFC. Please address your comments, suggestions, input or feedback to “”.

In Solidarity,


“a TRE grows in Terlingua”

P.S. Pigs and posers replying should prepare for public exposure.

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