Multi-Chem: Less Bragging About Fracking?

Multi-Chem: Citizens Against Multi-Chem

Lowering their fracking profile after a bungled blending blast, this self-proclaimed master fracker can now be found hawking “cleaner fracs through chemistry”.


A few days ago we issued a release about Multi-Chem – Halliburton’s newly-acquired oilfield production chemicals and fracking subsidiary – that included the following:

“Multi-Chem describes itself as ‘the global leader in EGR’ – where EGR stands for Enhanced Gas Recovery technologies such as hydraulic fracture stimulation, also called hydraulic fracturing, known and loathed by many of us as ‘fracking’, but referred to by dirty energy insiders as simply ‘frac’. Prior to its acquisition by Halliburton last October, being a frac specialist – with an extensive network of storage facilities and a fleet of frac trucks filled with ecosystem-destroying amalgams of toxic frac fluids and poisonous frac additives – made Multi-Chem one of the largest oil & gas production chemical companies in the world. Their ‘success’ had little to do with any questionable claims they ‘Think Safety’.”

That information was drawn from the 29-slide “Multi-Chem 2011 Capabilities Presentation” that we linked in with a tiny URL which then looked like this…

…but now looks like this…

…and a lot like their also-removed “Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Shale Plays” presentation:

It appears that “the global leader in EGR” is lowering their online profile for hydraulic fracturing. But don’t think for a moment that Multi-Chem the Frac King is no longer fracking – at least not while their home page looks like this:

Perhaps they’ve just been given a reason not to brag about it so much:


The dirty politic$ of dirty energy: Similar we suspect to many Louisiana politician$, the “Vermilion Parish Police Jury” – like a County Commission, members and confederates including Nathan Granger, Linda Duhon, Selina Perry, Dane Hebert, Allen LeMaire, Ronald Darby, Wayne Touchet, Mark Poche, Paul Bourgeois, Errol J. Domingues, Kevin Sagrera, Ronald “Dago” Menard, Pervis Gaspard, Cloris J. Boudreaux, Sandrus Stelly and Leon Broussard – would rather place their constituents in harm’s way than find a way to stop Halliburton from building an ecohazardous 64-acre Multi-Chem oilfield/frac blending abomination in a residential area directly over Southwest Louisiana’s only freshwater aquifer:
(includes their home addresses and telephone numbers)

As Marcella Manuel of Citizens Against Multi-Chem advises, “In addition to storm control and water discharge permits, multi-chem/Halliburton has also applied for an emissions permit. This means they will be allowed to vaporize into your air up to 25 tons of toxic/hazardous air pollutants per year. Some of these are considered carcinogenic while others attack the nervous system, liver, lungs, heart, etc. Think about that the next time you hear someone saying ‘I just don’t think a chemical plant is that big of a deal.’ Help them understand The Truth instead of the propaganda.”

According to environmental health and justice organization

  • Louisiana is 2nd in the nation for benzene pollution; benzene is a known carcinogen.
  • Louisiana is 2nd in the nation for cancer mortality.
  • Louisiana is 4th in the nation for hazardous air pollution from the petrochemical industry.
  • Louisiana is 8th in the nation for carcinogenic air pollution from the petrochemical industry.

Given that all Louisiana petrochemical polluters like Multi-Chem need to release 25 tons or more of toxic carcinogens into the environment is a “permit”, is there any question as to why?



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