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In the Trans-Pecos, While a Pipeline Stalls Autonomous Resistance Calls

In the Trans-Pecos, While a Pipeline Stalls Autonomous Resistance Calls

Revised RFC re TRE Co-operative Articles of Agreement Draft Version 0.1

To our allies in the global struggle against the Capitalist Hydra:

The Terlingua Resource Exchange Collective (“TRE”) is in process of formation and hereby issues a Request for Comments on its Co-operative Articles of Agreement (Draft Version 0.1) available for your review here:


TRE has five tracts of land in the Trans-Pecos we intend to develop as autonomous sustainable co-operatives modeled after the Zapatista Caracoles of Chiapas and the Kurdish Cantons of Rojava. If (a) you are an anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, eco-activist, fractivist or libertarian; or (b) you are #Anonymous, a cyberactivist tired of hiding behind sock puppets and proxies, or a slacktivist awakening to the fact that your online protests and petitions are feel-good mental masturbation and rarely change anything; and/or (c) you are ready to once again #Occupy the real world and make a difference IRL, then we invite you to take the first step towards joining us by responding to this RFC. Please address your comments, suggestions, input or feedback to “trec@riseup.net”.

In Solidarity,


“a TRE grows in Terlingua”

P.S. Pigs and posers replying should prepare for public exposure.

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