Healthcare in America: Who’s Paying Who? And Who’s Getting What? (g1a2d0014c1)

HEALTHCARE IN AMERICA: WHO’S PAYING WHO? AND WHO’S GETTING WHAT? Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 14: Communication 1 30 Sep 2011 (g1a2d0014c1)

Part 1 of 2: Who’s Paying Who: Ranks of Uninsured, Costs and Kickbacks on the Rise

“Number of uninsured climbs to highest figure since passage of Medicare, Medicaid: 50 million uninsured shows urgency of enacting single-payer Medicare for all.”

“As Congress works to decrease the federal deficit by cutting health care programs such as Medicare, policy experts say health providers will have to find money elsewhere, which could force insurance premiums higher for most Americans.”

“According to a report put out by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust, the average family health insurance policy now costs over $15,000 a year.”

“Is Your Doctor on Big Pharma’s Payroll? Medical device and pharmaceutical companies are gearing up for a big change in the way they deal with their most important middlemen: doctors.”

Part 2 of 2: Who’s Getting What: Medical Risks Increase as Quality of Care Declines

“Hospital infections kill more Americans each year than AIDS, breast cancer and auto accidents combined.”

“Medical errors are one of the Nation’s leading causes of death and injury. A recent report by the Institute of Medicine estimates that as many as 44,000 to 98,000 people die in U.S. hospitals each year as the result of medical errors. This means that more people die from medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.”

“Following heart disease and cancer, medical malpractice is the third largest cause of death in the United States of America.”

“Medication errors are rising. A rising aging population, increase in care by specialists, and an expanding range of drugs tax pharmacists’ and physicians’ ability to spot bad interactions.”


I am not Anonymous. I am an American.

I am not just a Consumer. I am a Citizen.

I will no longer be labeled Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Demopublican or Republocrat.

I will no longer follow Puppets labeled Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Demopublican or Republocrat.

I am the People. And I am coming for the Puppetmasters.

I am part of the 99 Percent. And I demand the following:

1. End the Fed.

2. Reverse Citizens United.

3. Repeal PATRIOT Act.

4. Expose 9/11 Truth.

5. End Profit Wars.

6. Refund Taxpayer Trillions.

7. Imprison the Kleptocrats.

8. Single Term Limits.


Join the Global Revolution:

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