My Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America

My Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitutional Republic of the USA

I hereby openly and before God and the Kleptocracy endorse and stand ready to support the “Occupy Wall Street” event:

I also hereby reverse my previous position and guidance, and reinstate my support for the “Stop the Machine” event:

I recognize that in so doing I am allying myself with people who do not share all of my political beliefs, that I will be standing side-by-side in protest with those of the Far Left – including Communists, Socialists and Anarchists – as well as those of the Far Right – including Libertarians, Tea Partyists and Ron Paulists – and that their race, ethnicity and name for the Almighty may differ from mine. But politics makes for strange bedfellows, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all who join this protest agree that our Ruling Omnipotent Fascist Kleptocracy is the enemy of all Mankind.

I ask those more closely associated with these events to consider me at their disposal to support to the limits of my resources and abilities any and all actions – including non-violent civil disobedience – aimed at toppling the Kleptocracy, exposing the truth about 9/11, repealing the Patriot Act, reversing Citizens United v. FEC, ending our perpetual wars for oil and profit, retrieving the trillions of dollars stolen from or made burden of the taxpayers, and restoring Jeffersonian Democracy and the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

Lastly, I recognize that making this pledge public may have ramifications including and not limited to being placed on no-fly or other surveillance lists, and for that I say Big Brother be damned: I do this for my grandchildren, in hopes they can grow up as free citizens rather than indentured slaves.


“IronBolt Bruce” Arnold

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7 thoughts on “My Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America

  1. The Revolution Continues: Three Updates, Two Heads Ups

    1. Protesters occupy Wall Street, Kleptocracy censors media coverage (from RC):

    2. Faceoff at 55 Wall Street (from the Front):

    3. Lloyds insurers sue Saudi Arabia for funding 9/11 attacks (from Google News):

    4. HEADS UP: Spam filter (Internet censor) “” is blocking emails referencing “o|c|c|u|p|y|w|a|l|l|s|t|.|o|r|g” in body of message.

    5. HEADS UP: Spam filter (Internet censor) Cloudmark Authority at is blocking emails referencing “b|i|t|.|l|y|/|o|f|y|i|c|3”, which is a short link to this: . As a Network Solutions customer, I contested the block and they told me they lifted it. Latest testing shows they didn’t.


    May God bless and keep those brave young men and women at Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park), and may we all pitch in and give God a hand in doing so:

  2. —–Original Message—–
    From: Ironboltbruce []
    Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:47 AM
    To: ‘’

    Subject: To the Cloudmark Authority Email Censors at

    To the Cloudmark Authority Email Censors at

    Please be advised that the provisions of the C.A.N.S.P.A.M. ACT OF 2003 make it illegal to treat political email communications as U.C.E. or “spam”, regardless of whether the emails are solicited or unsolicited, regardless of whether the recipients agree or disagree with the contents of the message, regardless of whether the recipients like or dislike the sender, and regardless of whether or how many recipients request that an email message, address or sender be blocked.

    Big Brother Has a Name, and that Name is CLOUDMARK



    From: []
    Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:22 AM
    Subject: RE: RE: RE: Please Resolve This Issue Immediately

    Dear Valued Network Solutions Customer,

    I apologize for the delay and inconvenience this has caused you.

    In reply to your inquiry regarding the issue you are having with your e-mail account, please be advised that there had been a low volume of user block requests on your e-mail account, and it had to be reset. Please check your mail list hygiene to ensure further blocks do not occur.

    If you have any other questions about this issue, please contact our Support Center and refer to Activity ID # 1-91FE3O and a Specialist will be happy to further assist you and ensure that we completely resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

    Thank you,

    Gold VIP Customer Care Specialist
    Network Solutions

  3. Network Solutions Using Cloudmark – Same Censorship Software Used in China – To Block Occupy Wall Street Emails

    Heads Up, Freedom Fighters:

    Network Solutions (one of America’s largest Internet Service Providers) is using Cloudmark, the same “spam filter” used for Internet censorship in China…

    …to block emails referencing URLs (links) related to the “Occupy Wall Street” and “U.S. Day of Rage” events. Here is an example of one such email, which was sent but never delivered:

    Why is Network Solutions blocking legitimate political emails like this one? I don’t know for sure, but tracing their origin, history and ownership is something I recommend for all who oppose the Kleptocracy:

    And we all know who Big Brother answers to, so why should we expect less from an ISP founded by spooks?



    The Big Picture:

  4. —–Original Message—–
    From: Ironboltbruce []
    Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:41 AM
    To: ‘’

    Subject: How much does the Kleptocracy pay a hack like you to write psyops crap like that?

    To Nathalie Rothschild ( ):

    I just read your article…

    Is this Monty Python’s Occupy Wall Street?

    …and I have only one question:

    How much does the Kleptocracy pay a hack like you to write psyops crap like that?


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