9/11 United Flight 93: Heroes, Hoax or Both?

9/11 United Flight 93: No Debris

9/11 United Flight 93: Heroes, Hoax or Both?

Here is yet another 10th anniversary tribute to the “9/11 Heroes of Flight 93”. Note that it was authored by Gayle Lynn Falkenthal (info@falconvalleygroup.com), a PR hack based in San Diego:


Strange that none of the heroes’ names are mentioned. But then again, there were not many passengers on Flight 93 – or on any of the other 9/11 flights for that matter. And according to this source, aside from the “hijackers” most of the passengers on those four planes were either government employees or employees of government contractors:


With 182 seats and only 33 passengers, Flight 93 was a sure loss for United Airlines before it was ever “shot down” …


… er uh, I mean before it ever crashed:

9/11 United Airlines Flight 93 Passengers List Seats

Maybe that explains why there were almost no identifiable human remains at either of the Flight 93 “debris” sites … although it does not explain having two “debris” sites which – other than the obligatory “knife disguised as a cigarette lighter” – had barely enough debris between them to fill a Toyota truck (at first…):



Anyway … One would think an article entitled “9/11: Failing to honor those that died on Flight 93” would have at least one mention of Todd Beamer, who supposedly coined the “Let’s Roll” phrase his widow Lisa Beamer later licensed to Walmart et al. for megabucks:


Of course, she didn’t need all that dough to pay off her home mortgage, as that was already covered:


Many say Todd Beamer did alright on 9/11. Maybe Todd Beamer’s still doing alright today…


International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001



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One thought on “9/11 United Flight 93: Heroes, Hoax or Both?

  1. VEERRY Interesting! It is said that planes were only 20-50% full of passengers. People reassigning their identies would however, create a lot of “loose ends” for the initial conspirators EVEN if million$ from investing against UAL and AA were shared…what would keep them all quiet forever? It is weird that 82 cameras on Pentagon and ONE blurry film turns up and pilot rumored to be a boob as a flyer, total washout, kicked out of flight school.

    PS As to 93…there is another version that a huge cargo plane was radioed to turn on its special instrument jammer /redirecter which aimed 93 at the ground…it would make sense for the plane to have one but looking at your crash pics, there is no way this scenario holds water. Didn’t Rumsfeld slip that 93 shot down…as in misstled as was the Pentagon?
    PPL now say Rummy lied about Pentagon to throw PPL off on Trade Center debacle. Too obvious that WTC7 CDed. Even notorious liar Dan Rather said on TV that it looked like controlled demolition and that is strangely true! Good luck biker dude…

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