WTC 7 – World Trade Center Building Seven – 9-11-01

WTC 7 - World Trade Center Building Seven - 9-11-01

WTC 7 – World Trade Center Building Seven – 9-11-01

  1. No plane hit this building, and it was engineered to take the hit if one had.
  2. “Office furniture fires” on 1 floor or 100 won’t collapse structural steel.
  3. You can’t “pull” a 47-story steel skyscraper without weeks of preparation.
  4. This was controlled demolition, proof we were not told the truth about 9/11.


    Stop Accepting. Start Rejecting. Stop Complying. Start Defying.

    Wake Up, Sheeple! Rise Up, People! Revolution is the only solution!


5 thoughts on “WTC 7 – World Trade Center Building Seven – 9-11-01

  1. Despite the Kleptocracy’s attempts using fabricated anonymous websites filled with retouched images, doubletalk, gibberish and outright lies like /d/e/b/u/n/k/i/n/g/9/1/1/./c/o/m to redefine and hide in the search engines the true meaning of what Larry Silverstein meant when he said “pull it” in reference to the 9/11 destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC-7), it should be quite clear from references like these that in this context “pull”, “pull a building” or “pulling a building down” means to intentionally and methodically bring down or demolish the building, i.e. controlled demolition:

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