Kleptocracy and You

Kleptocracy and You
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Kleptocracy and You (JPG 800×640)  •  Kleptocracy and You (PDF 34KB)

Kleptocracy [klep-TOK-ruh-see]: A government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves. See also the United States of America where, as Goethe said, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

5 thoughts on “Kleptocracy and You

  1. You have hit the nail on the head as to its form and function, but you are missing one component – who and why is this coming to fruition now? Man has been attempting to put this in place since the beginning of “man made religion, governments, and military excapades”.

    Only now has the world technology and its peoples “mind set” gotten to a point that the trap can be set and the people ensnarled into a the one world enslavement of the planets inhabinants. Your Ruling Omnipotent Kleptocracy is nothing more then the Politboro of a Communist Regime.

    All of which was set into motion with Karl Marx, who was backed and financed by the European Int’l bankers, at the same time that WWI set in motion the League of Nations, the US Progressive movement allowed for the Fed Res. and the IRS to be implemented with constitutional amendments so it could control the worlds greatest economy, by setting the stage so our Government can finance the great welfare state by going into debt to the world bankers and then tax its people to pay the interest. The self imposed depression set the stage for the “great society” and welfare state that has enslaved the American underclass into a welfare state and dependant on the Government and they took over the institutions of the Media, Education and Wall Street.

    At the same time Darwin unleashed his theory in an attempt to destroy a belief in a creator, Darby brings over a Pre-Trib rapture theory to ensnarle the evangelicals into a false belief system to discredit them when the time is right – like now.

    Read the 38th and 39th chapters of Ezekiel and see if you can identify this with what is going on now in the ME, and what will come from it. All the world needs to snap shut the trap on the world is a “religous” war with consequences, and then the one world ruler can come to the rescue to restore order. But first the US has to be taken down economically and removed from the world scene or to be ensnarled into backing of the one world government.

  2. let us all continue waiting for “them” to fix it……”them” the ones who created it….”them” the ones that will benefit from our labor…..”them” who decided the rules of the game and who could play…..”them” who decided who to let in and who to keep out. Let “them” fix it, but don’t complain when your out of touch, reality (sic) watching ass wakes up and don’t like the smell of the coffee they got brewing for ya. Sheep get led to slaughter cause they know no better, sheeple do the same knowingly. Tough to feel pity seeing the glaring difference. we as a species are truly fucked. thankfully some of us refuse to be shorn. when the proverbial hits the fan, most will be swallowed by lack of preparation or fear of facing the truth. I choose to be part of those willing to face reality for what it will be. GOT AMMO? speaking only for myself…..(and those of a “I can do” mind)

  3. Excellent diagram, (though I personally prefer the term ‘plutocracy’).

    Could you make the boxes and the fonts a little larger, so that the letters are easier to see and read, (particularly the words alongside the arrows).

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