How We Lost America :: A Brief History in Ten Points (Linked Version)

Sold Glory: Ole Glory after Citizens United v. FEC
Sold Glory: Ole Glory after Citizens United v. FEC

Preface: (a) You have missed the point if you assess this to be pro- or anti- Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican. Those are all deceptive labels that divide and distract. (b) For anyone of predominantly White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (i.e. European) heritage to bemoan “How We Lost America” is the height of hypocrisy. But for the sake of the Cherokee blood in my veins mixed with that of the Aztecs in my children, I continue…

1.  Whether God preceded Greed or Greed preceded God is debatable. The fact that all forms of government and all flavors of politics are the spawn of their unholy union is not.

2.  At the core of Christianity is the pursuit of good. At the core of Capitalism is the pursuit of gold. Beginning in 1492 at the latest, these pursuits connected all continents, corruptly conflating in the process.

3.  Global empires constructed on this corrupt conflation collided in what we called “the Great War”, the bloody battlegrounds of which provided ideal breeding pools for the false profits and false prophets that followed.

4.  Massive military machinations offered Sheeple on all sides salvation from depression and oppression. And at the end of what we called “World War II”, an American military-industrial machine of unprecedented power prevailed.

5.  Not wishing to part with their power or profits, the “rising military-industrial complex” and Kleptocracy Ike warned us about began clandestinely fomenting fears of foreign foes and promoting puppet politicians at home and abroad.

6.  The demise of the Soviet Union brought about the need for a new Boogie Man to keep billions for bullets, bandages and bridges in the federal budget. And after some behind-the-scenes bargaining by the Good Ole Boys, the Bedouins were happy to oblige.

7.  In the “Coup d’etat of 2000”, the Kleptocracy overrode our Constitution and the electorate to install “Dubya”, the idiot son of a former CIA Director, as POTUS (knowing that although they controlled Gore as well, he’d be harder to manage).

8.  On 11 September 2001, the Kleptocracy allowed or orchestrated the massacre of thousands of innocent American Sheeple as pretext for the perpetuation of their war profiteering and Peak Oil reserve pursuits.

9.  With the debris of three (not two) towers still smoldering in Manhattan, political puppets Left and Right proudly voted away large portions of our Bill of Rights in what must have been laughingly labelled “The Patriot Act” (sponsored by none other than US Rep F. James “Jim” Sensenbrenner, Jr., R-WI).

10.  The 2008 election brought no “Change”: Gates stayed in charge at the Pentagon, and Goldman-Sachs kept their hands in the Treasury. And to assure no change in 2010, Citizens United v FEC legalized unlimited anonymous (including foreign) corporate political donations.

And THAT’s how we lost America, folks…

Copyright © 2010 Bruce Arnold. Republication with attribution permitted.

2 thoughts on “How We Lost America :: A Brief History in Ten Points (Linked Version)

  1. Too bad about your America, Bruce.
    Mine is still chugging along. It is flawed, subject to fits and starts, and often at odds with itself.
    Despite its many shortcomings, it usually manages to overcome inept politicians, the fear-mongering found at both the far left and the far right and, most recently, the incessant blogging by those drunk on the fact that someone actually reads what they write.

    Good luck with your America; I believe mine’s gonna be just fine.

  2. See Bruce…even we “sheeple” can still believe in something. I agree with reg…your America may be lost in the lofty dreams of some undefined utopia visible only within your addled mind.
    My America is heavily flawed, and I don’t know that we’ll pull out of this tailspin…but we sure as hell better not quit trying for only then is all lost.

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